Episode 12: I’m a Muslim, Bruv – Gulamshabir Arif

March 9, 2016

In December 2015, a 29-year-old British man of Somalian origin attacked three passengers with a knife at Leytonstone Underground station in east London, severely injuring one of his victims by cutting his throat, as he shouted “This is for Syria!” A non-Muslim bystander, who was concerned about the growing identifying and stereotyping of Muslims with terrorists, called out from the sidelines “You ain’t no Muslim, Bruv….”, coining a social media hashtag in a rally-cry against all perpetrators of violence in the supposed name of Islam.

“You ain’t no Muslim Bruv”, even though declared by a non-Muslim, sums up the sentiments of ordinary true Muslims, who want no part in or identification with the sickness that is attempting to infiltrate their communities, taking advantage with lies and distortions of the disaffected, the deranged and the desperate, particularly if they are naïve and manipulable youth.

In what we hope to be an ongoing series called “I’m a Muslim, Bruv”, we hear the voices of true Muslims, starting in this episode with a 14-year-old British Muslim from east London in the UK.

میں مسلمان ، بھائی ہوں

Gulamshabir’s speech:

“Watching the news every morning, I was regularly hearing of a group based in Iraq and Syria that was carrying out killings in the name of Islam. Often it was minority communities and non-Muslims that were targeted, but I also found that this group destroyed mosques and even the shrines of the Muslim Saints who had brought Islam to these areas.

This was not the Islam which I had learnt.

The Prophet, Peace be upon Him [PBUH], said: If there ever is a war or Jihad, then it is strongly prohibited to kill women or children, and buildings should not be destroyed.

Jihad means to Struggle or Strive.

Islam is a religion of Peace. When Muslim Brothers and Sisters meet they say the Greetings of Peace: “Salam O Alaykum”, which means “Peace be upon you”.

They are killing innocent people, not because of their faith, but because of Power. They are killing innocent people in the name of God, religion and Islamic State.

Islamic State can never come into existence with violence or brutality. Islamic State and Islam is based on peace.

The way the Prophet, PBUH, after his migration, the way he established the Islamic State: After entering in the alliance with Jews, Christians and other non-Muslim communities; by writing down a constitution; by protecting, propagating and enforcing Human Rights.

They are murdering in the name of God, and no faith in the entire world justifies it.

Why are these youth deciding to go and do the so-called “Jihad”?

Why have they left their families and education? Why have they left everything, and are going to kill themselves and others?

This is not new today. It is “ISIS” in the present. In the past it was another name. In other centuries before, it was another name. The new names will keep on coming.

Holy Prophet, PBUH, had already mentioned that there should appear a group, young in age and foolish. They will speak the words of the best of people. They will raise good slogans. They will talk of Quran and Sunnah and Islam but they will just mislead the people. But their faith will not pass their throats.

Holy Prophet, PBUH, said: Whenever these people appear in any name, this is the duty of the community – to terminate them.

I am quoting from Sahih Bukhari, the most authentic book of Hadiths. Hadith means a report of the sayings or actions of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, or his companions.

Prophet, PBUH, said: Every time there will appear the groups, they will be terminated slowly until the Day of Judgement. They will keep on emerging till the Last Day.

The first group of these terrorists, they emerged against the guided Sayyidina Ali, the son-in-law of the Prophet, PBUH. When Sayyidina Ali tried to resolve this conflict in a peaceful way, through dialogue, they took up arms and they rejected the peaceful settlement of dispute. They never wanted any peaceful resolution. They said: We will fight with swords and cut the throats of humans. The first name given to that terrorist group was al-Khuriyah.

Holy Prophet, PBUH, said: They will be young in age. He said: They will be brainwashed.

Aren’t these qualities in the terrorists of this time?

The Prophet, PBUH, said: They will have thick beards, and they will emerge from the East. They will continue emerging again and again until the last of them will appear near the time of the Day of Judgement.

Their faith will not past their throats. They will recite the Quran but the believers’ recitation won’t resemble them. They will try to trick people by inviting them to the Quran. They will talk of enforcing the Islamic System. They will talk of establishing the Quran in the form of Islamic State, although they have nothing to do with it. They will just be liars. They will be the most evil of creation. They will shed blood without any authorization.

These are the people that are influencing the new generations and students.

These actions are not Jihad!

Their acts have nothing to do with any faith. No religion allows violence.

This is the wrong interpretation of the Quran, Sunnah and what the Holy Prophet, PBUH, taught us.

The Prophet, PBUH, said: If you see the black flags, then remain on the ground and do not move a hand or a leg.

They are claiming to be Muslims and they have killed many Muslims.

They are bringing a bad name to Islam and the Prophet, PBUH.

They are wrongly influencing the young people. They are going away from their families, friends and relatives. They are running away from a society that has provided them with free education.

Who gave ISIS the right to declare Jihad? Islamic State does not have any room for violence.

The Prophet, PBUH, went to Makkah with 15 million of his companions. They were ready to perform pilgrimage, but the Makkans did not allow them to enter Makkah, just to visit the Kaaba, the house of God.

His companions and followers, the biggest of that time, they were in a position to have a war to conquer the city of Makkah because they were upset, but the Prophet, PBUH, did not let them have a war. The Prophet, PBUH, listened to the Makkans and agreed to the unacceptable conditions.

The companions got upset, and some of the companions asked the Prophet, PBUH: Are we not on the true path? Is Islam not the true religion? The Prophet, PBUH, said: Yes. They replied: Why are we compromising and accepting these unacceptable rules?

The Makkans said: You will have to cut your name off the conditions, because we do not accept you as the messenger of God. The companions replied: We are not ready to cut off the name, but the holy Prophet, PBUH, himself cut his name off.

The Prophet, PBUH, said: We do not want to have a war, we want to live in peace with everyone. The Prophet, PBUH, went back without performing pilgrimage.

At that moment, God revealed a new revelation, saying that you have completed the mission. Some companions asked the Prophet: What mission? And the Prophet, PBUH, replied: I have completed the mission of Peace.

ISIS are not Muslims, and no-one has given them the right to declare Jihad, and they are NOT IN MY NAME, AND THEY ARE NOT IN ANY NAME.”

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