Episode 10: Making a Murderous Good Evening

January 25, 2016

Following Amanda Knox’s recent acquittal on slander charges brought by 7 Perugia police officers, who she claimed yelled, slapped at and threatened her during interrogations in November 2007 after her house-mate, Meredith Kercher, had been found murdered, we examine how the simple text message that was the focus for these interrogations was distorted in its meaning by police with the help of interpreter, Anna Donnino.

By breaking down the text message into its three components and analyzing their linguistic and semantic characteristics, we explore the disingenuousness of Anna Donnino’s mistranslation, a supposed blunder that led directly to Knox being coerced into signing a statement that falsely implicated her boss, Patrick Lumumba, and to another slander charge when it was realized he had been uninvolved.

Knox has never been exonerated of this ostensible “fingering” of Patrick Lumumba.

Does Anna Donnino bear some responsibility for Patrick Lumumba’s arrest and Amanda Knox’s upheld slander conviction?

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One comment on “Episode 10: Making a Murderous Good Evening

  1. Julie Jan 26, 2016

    Sorry but the piano music is very distracting and not pleasant sounding. The content of the podcast is, however, very good and helpful information to put out there.

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