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Episode 13: First Step, Longest Stride – Exoneration

Jeffrey Deskovic is a New York State exoneree, who was released in 2006. He has spent the last four years directing a unique foundation to help other wrongfully-convicted prisoners gain release, exoneration, and find their feet back in the free world. We talk to Jeffrey about the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice. Read More
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Episode 12: I’m a Muslim, Bruv – Gulamshabir Arif

In December 2015, a 29-year-old British man of Somalian origin attacked three passengers with a knife at Leytonstone Underground station in east London, severely injuring one of his victims by cutting his throat, as he shouted “This is for Syria!" A non-Muslim bystander, who was concerned about the growing identifying and stereotyping of Muslims with terrorists, called out from the sidelines “You ain’t no Muslim, Bruv....”, coining a social media hashtag in a rally-cry against all perpetrators of violence in the supposed name of Islam. Read More
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Episode 11: Adnan Syed – Caged Under a Waxing Crescent Moon

Impressions and reflections on attending part of Adnan Syed's second Post-Conviction Relief hearing, which took place in Baltimore, Maryland from February 3rd - 9th 2016. Contrasts and parallels with a court appearance of another young man convicted of the murder of a young woman - Raffaele Sollecito.      
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Episode 10: Making a Murderous Good Evening

Following Amanda Knox’s recent acquittal on slander charges brought by 7 Perugia police officers, who she claimed yelled, slapped at and threatened her during interrogations in November 2007 after her house-mate, Meredith Kercher, had been found murdered, we examine how the simple text message that was the focus for these interrogations was distorted in its meaning by police with the help of interpreter, Anna Donnino. Read More
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Episode 9: Making a Murderer Parallels – Manipulation, Double Bind & Blind Faith

We look at the parallels between the Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey cases from Making a Murderer and those of other high-profile defendants such as Adnan Syed, Amanda Knox and the West Memphis Three, and at some of the defendant characteristics and police and prosecution tactics that heighten the likelihood of wrongful conviction, especially when minors and the mentally compromised are involved. Read More
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Episode 8: A Star Wars Virgin

You won't believe it, but somehow our narrator has managed to get through decades of life without ever having watched a single Star Wars movie from beginning to end.... till now. Hear her irreverent observations on the very first film, Episode IV A New Hope, as our late starter begins her Star Wars education.....
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Episode 7: Serial… Podcasting… Talk to White People!

Did the response to Serial’s first season reinforce the already developing notion that podcasts and podcasting was a “white people” thing? How did this idea get propagated into a social media meme, and what message did it imply? We look at what led up to Saturday Night Live’s sardonic take on the end of Serial’s first season, and hear the perspectives of a panel of African American podcasters at the first DC PodFest.

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